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Unfair PayPal & eBay Policy

PayPal currently sets a policy that it can hold any payment received into a PayPal account where it feels like.Essentially allowing a large payment to placed on hold in its Holding Bank allowing interest of reinvestment to take place. They claim that this doesn't happen but as the holding account is unknown and could be in any nation and with the reports on this account not published publicly we can't really accept this as truth from PayPal.PayPal's Policy sets that if the payment will be put on hold if its seen as a risk, however this will because of unsavory sellers in the past that where fakes which is fine. But when you account is verified using Government issued ID, why should us honest people be affected?Not only that but when you use more than acceptable (Tracking and Insurance) methods of shipping and even via the PayPal postage option. Using our own money and not the shipping cost set in the sale this is just a further example of PayPal money grabbing aims.I can respect the protection put in place, but when you have gone the extra mile and also verified your details sufficiently why should this affect us honest everyday people!We have nothing more to prove to PayPal, should we ask them to publish the details of the Directors and also ask them to have the wages placed on hold whilst they prove they can do the job?We are asking for PayPal to reconsider its policy and have a community driven policy as it claims to a company for the community! This is perfect example of the 1% greed and nontransparent ways.please sign, thanks.

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